Baby Diamond Python For Sale

Morelia spilota

Hostage Bred

Males And Females Available

Around 12-15 Inches In Length Can Get Up To 6 Feet In Length

Females Can Lay Up To 15-20 Eggs At A Time

With Proper Care, This Species Can Live Up To 15-20 Years

Starting From Australia, These Snakes Range From New South Wales Up To Victoria

This Is A Fantastic Lean Bodied Snake That Has Nothing But Potential To Offer, With Its Dark Crisp Patterns That Will Take Hold Of Bright White Or Gold Coloration As It Reaches Adulthood

These Are Ferocious Opportunistic Little Eaters, That Are Feeding On Pinky Mice And Have Yet To Turn Down A Meal

This Species Has Great Temperament With A Very Active And Curious Personality Making It Not Only Amazing In Appearance But Perfect For Any Home Or Collection